Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Wonderful Afternoon Painting from the Model

This past Sunday, I spent a wonderful afternoon at the studio of a friend of mine, doing some painting using a live model. There were several painters who participated in the session and we all set up our materials and got to work.

The model was amazing. She held a pose for 5 hours (with several breaks, of course). I was delighted by the light and shadow on her face and the relaxed gesture of the pose.

I took this picture when the model was resuming the pose after a break and one of the artists, John, was talking to her. John's beautiful painting can be seen in the foreground.  


I haven't had the opportunity to work from the model like this for many, many years and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Here's to the delights of this classical way of making art!

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Cuby said...

What a fine way to spend an afternoon. I wonder what the model's thoughts were during those 5 hours?