Tuesday, 5 February 2013

More Painting From the Model

Last weekend, I spent a wonderful afternoon with a group of artists at the studio of my friend, Aino, painting from the model.

Our model was John, and he was a joy to paint. All those rich shadows and lines - so much character in his face. John is a wonderful painter himself and is usually one of the artists painting from the model at these sessions. But this time he volunteered to sit for us.

There is a nice variety of approaches that people take during these sessions. Some people paint and some people draw. In the foreground, Brenda is working on one of her beautiful pastels. Behind her, Susan is painting in oil.

I got a rough start on my painting and it will need a lot of work. But it was marvelous to get my "painting brain" working again, especially with such a great model to work from. 


Sarah said...

Great pics! Looks like fun.

Knatolee said...

John would be great to paint! He has such an interesting face.