Sunday, 20 November 2011

More from the Photo Scanning Project - A Visit to England

In 1993, Peter and I went to England when I attended a conference in Oxford. After the conference, we drove around the southwestern part of England for several days and packed in visits to as many interesting places as we could. I recently came across photos from that trip while working on my scanning project. This is a photo of me, climbing up to the ruins of St. Michael's Church near Glastonbury. Peter liked the fact that we had to walk among a bunch of sheep as we climbed the hill. 

It was foggy at the top of the hill. You can barely see the upper part of the ruins and Peter looks very ghostly near the entrance.

Another day we were driving around Wiltshire when we saw one of the amazing white horses in the chalk hills. We drove to the top of the hill, parked the car and walked on the path along the top of the hill. Peter asked me to go stand on the part of the path at the top of the horse while he walked around to the other side so he could take picture of me.  

And there I am, under the red arrow. I am barely visible, I know, but that little insect-size smudge is me! I stood and waved at Peter, who seemed very far away. Then I reached down and patted the horse's ear. The thing is huge but can be seen from very far away on the plain below.

Later that day, we visited Avebury, which is a prehistoric stone circle - like Stonehenge but with larger circles. Peter loved this stone - I think it appealed to his sculptural sensibilities. 

And here I am, in a bright red sweater (which my talented daughter, Sarah, knit for me), standing beside one of the smaller stones. There was so much to see and I am glad we got to see as much as we did. I am also glad I found these photos again. Great memories! 

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Knatolee said...

Great pics! I know that white horse well, from my many trips to visit family in England over the years. I was enchanted by it when I was a kid!