Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Pay Day Market

Every two weeks, the government employees in the complex of buildings where I work get paid. And every two weeks, on payday, a whole little market of craftspeople springs up like mushrooms in the foyers and hallways of some of the buildings. Several dozen tables are set up and the vendors put out their wares, and people gather round to see what they can spend their money on.

There are always lots of craftspeople selling jewellery. I have bought some great earrings at one of these payday markets in the past. 

This vendor was selling scented candles. I really liked the display, with every scent labelled. They are supposed to have healing properties, but mostly I found that this display smelled wonderful.

There are also lots of scarfs and sweaters and shawls. Lovely colours!

This was my favourite display. They are all hats, but they looked like toys waiting for someone to come play with them. The lion hat looks like his front paws are hanging over the side of the table in a very relaxed pose. Who knew that headgear could be so much fun?

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