Sunday, 13 November 2011

Vernissage at the Skelly Gallery

This afternoon, I went to the Skelly Gallery in St. Eugene, Ontario, to attend a vernissage. I like this arrangement of things outside the front doors of the gallery - pumpkins, trees in pots, and a sculpture by Peter MacElwain which I donated after his death.  

It was a warm day (that is, warm for November!)  but very grey. The interior of the gallery was brightly lit. The ground floor of the gallery used to contain an office space and work space for the framing business, but it has now been converted to gallery space. There were lots of people chatting and looking at the works on display here. 

The main gallery space is still upstairs. 

The space is really quite light and airy, beautiful for showing work.  On one wall, there were photographs by Mark Greenwald.

His photographs are impressive. I really like one on the far right of shadows on the sand. 

On the opposite wall there are paintings by John Greenwald, Mark's older brother. 

This painting was one of my favourites in the show. The drawing of the figure is so free and loose. 

John Greenwald also painted these long folding pieces. They were beautifully displayed on the window sills of the gallery.
Great show! It continues until December 14th.

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