Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Protest in the Byward Market

It was a beautiful evening so I went out for a walk through the Byward Market (my 'hood). Coming along Sussex Street, I heard a lot of noise so went to investigate. There was a small group of protesters across from the American Embassy, chanting and holding up signs. There must have been 25 - 30 people there, and about 10 policemen. The protesters were part of the Occupy Ottawa group. 

This banner, which is hard to read in this photo because it was rather dark, says "United the People Will Never Be Evicted." They were protesting the fact that the people in the Occupy movement in various cities in the United States are being driven out violently. I agree with their cause and wanted to show my support in some way, but it wasn't a good time or place. I hope the Occupy movement continues - it gives me hope.

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