Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Creepy Snowman

Peter, (the love of my life and now deceased for ten years), had a terrific sense of the absurd and could be wonderfully silly at times. He and I used to like to make snowmen, like a couple of kids, at least once a year. I recently found this photograph of a particularly grotesque example of our snowmen-making endeavours. We put an old red shirt on him and gave him a beard of dead weeds, along with a conventional carrot nose and hat. I remember that we had bits of real coal for his eyes from a pile of coal Peter had for some project. We both thought this snowman was one of the more warped and twisted specimens of our oeuvre! Winter is definitely more tolerable when you can have fun in it doing things like this.


Elaine said...

My eyesight being what it is, I had to enlarge the photograph before I could see why the snowman looked creepy... then I laughed because he looks like to of our local farmers, it's those weeds that do it, plus they are both pretty skinny.

If we ever get any snow this winter I'd be very tempted to build one on our wide verge, then they'd have a chuckle as they whizz past on their tractors!

Peter sounds a wonderful man. I am so pleased you shared this lovely memory of him.

Ronna said...

Elaine's right. He sort of looks like the locals around here!

Knatolee said...

Such a creative snowman! I love him! And yeah, there's a guy just like him on our road... :)