Sunday, 15 January 2012

Too Cold to Go Outside

We had some nasty weather last Thursday and Friday in the Ottawa Valley - a mix of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow. Finally, on Saturday, the sky cleared, the precipitation stopped and it was sunny and bright. It was really quite beautiful, with deep blue shadows on the fresh white snow. But unfortunately it was really, really cold. When I woke up on Sunday morning at my home in the country, it -29 degrees celsius. So I was disinclined to go outside and instead took a photo out my living room window of this classic winter day.

Outside my kitchen window, this tree looks like it is coated with blobs of white foam. All very lovely, but I will be really glad when it gets warm again, the snow melts away, and there are leaves on the trees instead of snow. 


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

It sure is beautiful looking out from a cozy room indoors. I'm looking forward to spring too. We certainly can do without the minus 25+ temps.

frannie said...

Right! It's been ridiculously cold lately, only fit for staying inside and taking photos. I've been doing the same. Your shots are lovely though.