Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Fresh Snow in the City at Night

After 2 bitterly cold days in Ottawa (it was -20 degrees celsius yesterday morning but felt like -28 with the wind chill), it warmed up a bit today to -8 degrees celsius, and was much more pleasant for walking around. But with the warmer weather we got some fresh snow. When I walked home from work late this afternoon, I noticed that the new snow made everything look brighter.    

The bridge I cross every evening from Gatineau to Ottawa was transformed into an arctic passage and even the sky had taken on an icy blue-white sheen.   

The snow had really piled up around the fountain in this courtyard (shut down for the winter of course). I liked the way the person walking through the courtyard has become just a black figure against the white.

Later I walked over to George Street in the Byward Market area and was impressed by how bright everything looked here with the blanket of new snow. 

There were many people out walking, probably enjoying the fact that it was less cold. 

On my way back to my apartment, I stopped to take a picture of one of my favourite sculptures, the Dancing Bear by the Inuit artist Pauta Saila in the Jeanne d'Arc Courtyard. I like the way the snow covered his head and paws - it almost looked like someone had drawn a white outline around him.

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Elaine said...

I love the way George Street and market area look like a Toy Town model version of the real place. Dancing bear is a delight. We've just had another night of violent winds, just waiting for daylight to go and check for damage.