Wednesday, 28 March 2012

City Bunny

Downtown Ottawa seems to be full of bunnies. I have often seen them in parks and green spaces when I have been walking around. They even hop across the lawns on Parliament Hill. I saw this bunny quite recently in a tulip bed in Major's Hill Park as I was walking home from work. I tried to get close but he/she was very wary, stopped munching on tulip bulbs and stared at me as I approached.

I zoomed in as best I could, but this picture is a bit fuzzy and the bunny looks almost impressionistic. A minute later, he/she took off and hid under a nearby bush. I wonder if there is a whole rabbit condo under there full of city bunnies, getting ready for a night on the town where they hop around from one jumping joint to another!


Jenny said...

My mother has trouble with deer and groundhogs eating her tulip bloom. I wonder if the bunnies will do the same in Ottawa. They are cute, though, aren't they?

Sarah said...

They are smart to be cautious! Lots of hazards for those cute little bunnies in the city. :)