Monday, 19 March 2012

The Pleasures of an Early Spring

On Sunday, the temperature was nearly 20 degrees (Celsius) above the seasonal average for this time of year in Eastern Ontario. Like everyone else in this part of the world, I spent a glorious day outside, looking in wonder at how fast the winter was retreating and spring was establishing itself. A week ago, my garden still had a couple of feet of snow and ice on it. This weekend, I was excited to find these little crocuses emerging there. This is unprecedented for mid-March!  

I opened my studio for the first time in months. It is unheated so I can't use it during the winter. But this Sunday, I was able to spend a couple of hours there, cleaning up and preparing for some projects. I checked the thermometer at one point and it was 35 degrees inside. Almost too hot to work!

The Canada Geese were constantly flying overhead, honking and flapping in their V-formations. I saw many dozens of them in the space of about half an hour.  

They were heading for the Ottawa River - a pit stop on their way further north. The river is open now, with a channel down the middle and some ice on the edges rapidly breaking up and floating away. 

It was a fabulous day. If this is what an early spring is like, I'll take it!


Elaine said...

Wonderful studio!
The excitement, and increased energy levels which herald Spring, seem to affect me more these day which is just as well because the state of hibernation which winter puts me into is also much more apparent!
Great photos, the ones of the river were great for reminding me just how cold it still is in Canada.

Ronna said...

Great light in the studio. Love seeing things up in the garden.

Sarah said...

Your studio looks so cozy and inviting! At 35 degrees it could double as a sauna!