Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Unusual First Day of Spring

We are having some of the strangest weather for March 20, the first day of Spring, that anyone can remember. The mornings are cool-ish, about 7 degrees Celsius - then it goes up to 25 degrees in the afternoon and is, quite frankly, more like July than like March. When I walked across the Alexandria Bridge in the morning, there was a wonderful, ethereal mist floating above the river and hovering around the sides of Parliament Hill. The Parliament Buildings looked like Gothic ruins emerging from the mist.  

The building where I work seems to be having trouble getting the air conditioning going and it was very hot inside. In the middle of the afternoon, the power went off and the employees had to be evacuated from the building. We were all sent home early - hooray! I desperately wanted to cool off so I got a cheap pair of flip-flops to wear for my walk home.

When I finally got to my apartment, I changed to summer clothes and sat out on my balcony to cool off. Ahhh! That's better! What a strange start to spring!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Lucky! My office building never seems to get evacuated, especially in nice weather. :)

I like the flip flops you bought!