Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Visit to Two Handsome Donkeys

Today ( Sunday) certainly felt like Spring had arrived. It was sunny and warm and thus a perfect day for a visit to a couple of donkeys I know. Oh yes - and the people who live with them - my friends, Mac and Brenda. Other friends, Tim and Frankie, were also visiting the donkeys today. We walked down to where the donkeys were happily awaiting us.

And here they are - Donald and Bob. Donald is in front and Bob, who is a bit shy, is hiding behind. 

Tim often visits Donald and Bob and brings them treats. Here he is feeding Donald. 

And then Bob, making sure they both get goodies. 

We went inside for a tête-à-tête with the boys. Brenda and Mac gave Donald a pat..... 

.....and a hug. 

As I said, Bob is a bit shy, but Tim seems to know how to bring him out of his shell. 

As we left, I took one last parting picture. Aren't they handsome boys?


Elaine said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that visit. They are two beautiful little donkeys.

Ronna said...

Very sweet boys!!

Jenny said...

Donkeys often get a bad rap, but I think they just don't tolerate stupid people very well. Give them a good home and they are devoted friends. These two look like sweeties.

Knatolee said...

Hey! I have met Donald but Bob is new! Sweeties. We want some rescue donkeys in the future.

Sarah said...

They look like very gentle creatures. Nice pix!