Sunday, 15 April 2012

History Repeats Itself - With a Twist

Last year in April 2011, I posted a blog in which I talked about going to the Canadian Tire store in Hawkesbury, Ontario, to buy a simple item and instead got seduced by a display of icicle pansies in the garden centre. Well, history repeated itself this past weekend when I went to the same Canadian Tire store and again got seduced by a display of pansies outside the front of the store. They were just so colourful and cheerful and it all became a blur after that. 

And, just like last year, I noticed flowers in other places later that day. I happened to go to another part of town and saw these dandelions growing against a wall in a parking lot. 

These were the first dandelions I had seen this year. I actually like dandelions in the spring before they go to seed and get ugly - they are such happy yellow flowers. It is impressive that they can grow in the most unlikely places, like this bunch growing in a crack between the road and a concrete wall, surrounded by refuse and garbage. Such hardy little plants! 

Last year, when I saw the pansies at the Canadian Tire store, I resisted buying any. This year was a different story since I bought a bunch and brought them home. They are now happily planted in my garden.

Since it has been quite cold for about a month, the plants in my garden are coming in very slowly. But the crocuses are now at their prime and will soon be all done for the year. It is a good thing I got the pansies to provide some colour in the garden after the crocuses are finished and before the rest of the bulbs and perennials bloom. Spring is such a wonderful time of year, especially in a cold climate like ours, that it is easy to cherish these small wonders that seem to happen every day.


Elaine said...

I know what you mean about the early dandelions. The enjoyment I get from seasonal changes in colours is immense and I often give thanks that I am not colour blind. I need shots of colour the way some people need alcohol or cigarettes!

Cuby said...

So pleased that you were unable to resist buying these pansies they are such beautiful pools of rich colour in a garden. Dandelions are lovely too. We have a lawn full of them and they create a lovely show.

Jenny said...

The pansies are real eye candy. When I was little my mother would let me buy a flat of flowers. I always chose pansies. I love dandelions too.

Sarah said...

Dandelions are a good symbol for resilience! They grow anywhere and survive many attempts to eliminate them. They are nice when they are still yellow, I agree completely.

Knatolee said...

THese are great pics!I like seeing dandelions now, because it means there's food for my bees and I can stop worrying about them running out of honey stores and starving to death. Dandelions = nectar flow. Yay!