Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Sparkling Spring Day in the City

The sun seemed extra bright today and made everything look so sharp and clear. As I was crossing the Alexandra bridge from Hull to Ottawa, I noticed how it sparkled on the water. The buildings were just silhouettes on the horizon and the sunshine made a rather abstract shape on the river.

In this close-up, the sparkles on the water look like a swirling dancing figure made of lights.  

In spring, as the poet says, a young man's this case, a young couple's fancy.... turn to thoughts of love. 

This old tree with two huge trunks in Major's Hill Park is quite twisty and gnarly. In the background, you can see the American Embassy (sometimes referred to as "the Fortress"). I like the contrast between the earthiness of the tree and the sterility of the embassy building. 

The sun made everything so warm. This person was taking advantage of the beautiful weather, lying on the grass on the side of a hill in the park. 

Everywhere one goes, one sees people with cell phones in their ears. But I liked the way this young woman was also holding a bouquet of flowers as she stood on a corner waiting for the traffic light to change, in the bright afternoon sun in the city.


Knatolee said...

These are great. I always like your candid shots of people. They remind me of your paintings!

Sounds like tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day too.

Sarah said...

Great shots - everything looks sunny and warm!