Tuesday, 3 April 2012

More People Watching

As I was walking home from work this afternoon, I saw these two girls sitting together, talking, while they were waiting for a bus. I really like the way one is wearing a red hat and a red shirt under her jacket, while the other is wearing a blue hat and a blue shirt under her jacket. Great colours!

Later, I was passing by the National Gallery when I saw these two young guys. For some reason, one of them decided to climb on a cement trash bin so he could read the sign beside the Gallery's front door. No reason to do that because the sign is quite readable just standing in front of it. But after all, he was young, and young guys seem to like to do things like that. I thought it was funny!  

By the way, one of the reasons I walked over to the National was to look at this large banner, which they just hung up today. It announces the Gallery's big summer blockbuster show - their Van Gogh exhibition, which will be starting on May 25. A must-see for fans! I love the painting on the banner - so organic and wild against the sterile grey columns of the building. It brightened up a rather dull, cheerless afternoon. 


Cuby said...

I too love to people watch and this is a great photo. I also like the two young guys reading something on the door/window of the gallery. Great studies of people. Do pop over to my blog sometime.

Knatolee said...

Great people watching! I must get to the Van Gogh exhibit. He's one of my favs. In design school, we had to do a painting in the style of a famous artist, so I picked Van Gogh and did a painting of my rocking chair from childhood.