Sunday, 19 August 2012

Beautiful Fireworks

Every August, the Casino in Gatineau has a fireworks display on Wednesday nights and Saturday nights. A week ago, on Wednesday, I walked up the hill behind the National Art Gallery in Ottawa (where the statue of Champlain stands) and joined a large crowd of people who were watching the fireworks for free. Although we were across the river and at quite a distance, and despite the fact that there was a building blocking our view, nobody minded. What we got to see was still quite spectacular.  

The fireworks went on for about half an hour and people yelled and clapped whenever there were particularly dazzling ones. I have always loved watching fireworks since I was a child and these didn't disappoint. Beautiful!

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Cuby said...

A firework is always beautiful but so many would always be spectacular as your photos show. Fun,fun, fun!