Thursday, 16 August 2012

Experimenting - Random Shots

I am new to the world of cell phones and got one only recently (after being convinced by various people that it would be good for safety reasons). As I explored this amazing device, which has more functions than I will ever be able to use, I decided to try its camera. I took several experimental photos, but then had to learn how to transfer them to my laptop, which was not as straightforward as I thought it would be. Today, I have finally managed to download these early experimental photos. I took this pic of my grandson, Charlie, in early July when I visited Toronto. Children are always great subjects for experimental shots.

I am still not sure what capacity my phone camera has for quality photos and what controls there are, but I have decided to just keep playing with it to see how the pics turn out. I liked these colourful hats in a window and tried a couple of shots. Aren't these hats great? So old-fashioned in a way.

These cups in a window looked like they were about to tumble over. I thought the reflections added interest - the reflection of the neon sign says "Zaks" backwards (Zaks is the name of the restaurant across the road).
Anyway, I have concluded that my phone camera takes passable pictures but so far not as good as my regular camera. It is always fun experimenting and I will keep trying. In the meantime, I will continue to be amazed by my new phone - it is incredible what this device, so small it can fit in my pocket, can do!  

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Sarah said...

I find the camera in my cell phone most useful when I don't have a regular camera and I see a shot I don't want to miss. I like the cups photo!