Thursday, 28 February 2013

Old Man Winter's Last Kick at the Can (We Hope!)

In my previous post, I wrote that Winter felt like it was beginning to come to an end, with much warmer temperatures and rapidly melting snow. Then we had a big storm on Wednesday with 25 cm of snow in the Ottawa area, and Winter made a reappearance - with a vengeance! As I left work on Wednesday, I walked past this window and was impressed by the transformation of the world outside.

Walking home was like walking through a white tunnel.

Hard lines disappeared and all that was left was a fuzzy, milky-white haze. The city in the distance had completely melted into the clouds of snow in this view. Oh well - at least it is still relatively warm and the snow will melt again soon. Old Man Winter just had to have another kick at the can! 


City Mouse said...

love the photos in this post. As I write this the temperature in my city is >30 deg Celsius, and the day is hot and sunny.

Ronna said...

Nice pix, but enough already!