Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bright-coloured things in store windows

This can be a rather dull time of year until the grass turns green and the leaves come out and the flowers bloom. But there are always lots of bright things to look at in store windows. I saw these wild sunglasses in a store in the Byward Market the other day and just had to take a picture of them. Love the guitar sunglasses!

Aren't the skull glasses great? But the beer steins are pretty cool too.

Just down the street, there was another store with some strange critters in the window. Very bright, though, whatever they are.

Finally, I passed by one of my favourite stores in the Market -- a wonderful greeting card and wrapping paper and stationary store called Paper-Papier. It had this brightly coloured display of stuff for a children's birthday party in the window. I like the way the bunny is peeking over the cupcakes.


Ronna said...

I think you NEED a pair of those sunglasses!

Sarah said...

Those stuffed toys are called "Ugly dolls"! They seem to be quite popular, and have a bright website too: