Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Seduced By the Garden Centre - Again!

This is a dangerous time of year. I went to the Canadian Tire store in Hawkesbury this past Monday to buy one simple thing - a halogen light bulb - and that's all - just one thing. I was going to be strong. I wasn't going to buy anything else. And then, just as I was approaching the door, I saw these pretty little Icicle Pansies on display. It all became a blur after that.

The next thing I knew, I was searching through larger baskets of different colours of pansies. Such a treat to contemplate growing things after all the horrible weather we've had.

These shelves full of chrysanthemums were wonderful eye candy and I started planning where I would put some in my garden. Then suddenly, I remembered the light bulb. I hadn't even entered the store yet. "Get a grip", I admonished myself and went in to buy the bulb.

But the experience set me up for noticing flowers in other places. This patch of dandelions was growing in the concrete of a parking lot in another part of town, among the rubbish, against a wall. They seemed just as beautiful to me as the pampered flowers in the garden centre. Love the happy yellow!


Ronna said...

Love the dandelions! And those pansies are so tempting. Think I'll go buy some this weekend!

frannie said...

You resisted??? Next time you'll break down right?

Knatolee said...

My honeybees are happy to see dandelions!