Tuesday, 5 April 2011


One of the treasures of the Byward Market in Ottawa is Mellos, the best place around for a great breakfast. It has this wonderful funky sign out front.  

It is just a little hole-in-the-wall place. Inside, there is a long counter with stools and some booths on the other side. You walk in and the 200-lb waitress says "Coffee?" and slaps a cup down in front of you. Then you watch while the short-order cook fries up bacon and eggs and sausage and homefries on a massive grill behind the counter. It's like being in an Edward Hopper painting. Mellos is very popular and usually crowded, with everyone from construction workers to university profs.  

In February, I happened to be in Mellos having breakfast when 4 guys sitting in a booth near me suddenly started singing barbershop quartets. I talked to them later and they told me they were practicing for a couple of performances coming up. They were wonderful, and everyone in Mellos cheered and clapped when they sang. Just before they left, they stood at the front of the restaurant and serenaded us all with one last song and I took this picture. Mellos is just that kind of place!


Ronna said...

Okay, Evlyn, you're a natural blogger! Love this entry. Love the sign. Gotta get me to the restaurant. Wanna meet there one day? And I LOVE the barbershop quartert pic. What a story. And you caught the image. Love it!!

frannie said...

The first two pictures came up on my screen but not the quartet...what a bummer! I'll persevere nevertheless because your writing is so fresh and I can hear your voice when I read the text,