Monday, 18 April 2011

Sights and Signs in the Market

This amazing copper elephant caught my eye as I was walking through the Byward Market late this afternoon so I had to stop and take a picture of him. He is in front of a store called "Giraffe", which has some wonderful African art and craft items. He looks like he is going to start walking down the street, waving his trunk and flapping his ears.  

After saying goodbye to Mr. Elephant, I turned around and noticed this strange .... uh .... whatever it is, painted high up on a wall across the street. Weird!

After that, I began to notice other signs on the sides of buildings as I walked around. This one is painted on a brick wall on the side of a building on Clarence Street. I guess the idea is that if you buy clothing in Elan, you will feel just like this, wanting to bend backwards with delight!

This painting is hung on a wall over the outdoor patio of the Cornerstone Restaurant, which seems to cater to a "young, hip" crowd. She sure looks cool and disdainful and "hip", doesn't she? But I like all the orange and red - very bright on a dull day.

This sign says it all - lingerie, games, oils, adult toys, leather/ much more! I am just curious to know, what else could be included in the much more? I think the stuff listed on the sign pretty much covers it! But one of the reasons I like this sign is that underneath, you can see a plastic ice cream cone sticking up. Sorta like, get your sex toys here, and stop for an ice cream afterward! Maybe that's what they meant when they said, "plus much more"!


Ronna said...

Hmm. Ice cream and sex toys. What else could a gal need?

Sarah said...

The woman on the sex shop sign looks like Audrey Hepburn (a la "Breakfast at Tiffany's") to me!

frannie said...

My thoughts too, Sarah. Holly Golightly, not an image I'd associate with sex toys.