Sunday, 27 November 2011

Art Show and Sale in Dunvegan

This past Saturday, I went to an Art Show and Sale in Dunvegan, Ontario. Three terrific artists - Ronna Mogelon, Holly Kelleher and Natalie Rowe - showed their drawings and paintings and ceramics and wall hangings and other wonderful works. It was a great chance to buy some beautiful and interesting pieces.

Holly had wonderful drawings of owls and various animals. But I fell in love with her paintings of butterflies and bought one of them. 

I also really liked this print of a rooster by Holly. The colours are great. 

Ronna's little paintings of cats and chickens are always fun - so bright and cheerful. 

I am a big fan of Ronna's painted wood wall hangings and have several of them in my apartment in Ottawa. It was great to see more of them this year. 

Ronna also had her wonderful painted ceramics on display. I particularly liked this collection of tea pots and the cow creamer. 

Natalie had some beautiful bird drawings and wall hangings. 

These wall hangings of Natalie's were amazing. I had to have one of the cows, but the chickens were pretty tempting too. 

Altogether, it was a really fun show and I was pleased with my acquisitions (a painting of Holly's, a drawing of Ronna's and a wall hanging of Natalie's). There were lots of people there and I got to do some visiting, catching up, with people I haven't seen for a while. There was even some wonderful music played by Holly's talented husband David Kelleher.  

I think Ronna and Holly and Natalie enjoyed themselves, too. Here Ronna and Natalie are having a good laugh over something or other. Great stuff, you guys. I can hardly wait until your next show.


Ronna said...

You're always so supportive Evlyn. Thanks for coming!

Knatolee said...

I second that. Thanks so much for coming, Evlyn, and for the great post. :)

Elisabeth said...

Great pix of the show, Evelyn.
Thanks for showing Holly's work.
I hadn`t seen it.
Great work from all the ladies!