Monday, 14 November 2011

Creepy Christmas Decorations

Hallowe'en is over, Remembrance Day is over - so now, right on cue, the malls are hauling out the Christmas decorations. The shopping mall and food court downstairs in the building complex where I work have put up the same decorations every year for the past 5 years or so that I've worked there. Most of them are the usual tacky decorated trees and tinsel balls and nutcracker figurines. But some of the decorations they put up I find particularly creepy. These bizarre creatures are made of a cloth cone placed over a fake tree with an alien-looking face on top. What really gets me is that the eyes are closed and they look blind! 

They are placed in various places around the mall. They have no hands, although this one has sleeves that come together near a sparkly star. 

The neck on this one is horribly long. Here is a close-up of the face, which is the same on all these weird things. Isn't it creepy?

The colours of this one's coat (or dress, or whatever it is supposed to be) is not very Christmas-y. It also looks like it has some sort of large white alien bug climbing up its front.  

After I had taken one of these pics, I started talking with a woman working in a store nearby. She was watching me so I told her I found these things very creepy and just wanted to get some photos of them. She told me I was the second person today who had taken pictures of them and told her that they were creepy. Wow! I am not alone in my opinion.
Have a creepy Christmas, everyone!

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Sarah said...

Just the title of this post made me start laughing!

Happy creepy Christmas!