Monday, 28 November 2011

Seeking Light at the Darkest Time of the Year

It gets dark so early at this time of the year - the hours of daylight are so short. When I go out for a walk in the evening, I find that I am attracted to storefronts with lots of lights, or streets that are brightly lit up, or anything decorated with lots of bright shiny things. For example, I liked this storefront on a little side street in the Byward Market with two branches suspended in front, decorated with lots of little lights. Very cool!

Some buildings are beautifully lit up, like the Chateau Laurier. I took this picture while walking along a terrace between the Chateau and the Rideau Canal. I have always thought the Chateau Laurier looks more interesting from this side, at night. 

The light of the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill is wonderful in the dark, displaying endlessly fascinating patterns - especially on windy evenings, like this one.  

In a little park near the Rideau Centre, this display of lights creates wonderful swoops and swirls in the trees. Three angels mounted on poles stand guard.   

And speaking of angels, this window display in a store called Crystal Dawn really caught my eye. So bright and pink on a dark night. Isn't it fabulous?


Ronna said...

Great, bright post!

Knatolee said...

This is great and I'm impressed with the variety of light sources you found.

Marilyn said...

I want to go there (Crystal Dawn):)

frannie said...

You are right, we need lots of extra light and colour at this time of year. Thanks for showing us these parts of Ottawa.