Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Some of Peter's Apple Drawings

I have been neglecting my photo scanning project lately and decided to get back into it. I still have so many to do. Recently, while combing through a box of old pictures, I found these photographs of some drawings that Peter did many years ago for a show. He was making a lot of sculpture based on apples at the time and so his drawings were of apples too. I particularly like this drawing. The apple looks like it is made of silver.

Peter's drawings could be so light and delicate-looking, but they still had a sculptural quality. He was obviously fascinated by the structure of the things he was drawing. 

We had some peaches in a bowl in the kitchen, so he decided to draw them too, with one apple in the background. I am so glad I found the photos of these drawings - I had forgotten about them and they bring back a lot of memories. A beautiful find!


Ronna said...

Wonderful drawings. Maybe you should frame and hand them?

frannie said...

beautiful, sensitive drawings.

Evlyn said...

Ronna - alas, I do not have the drawings anymore. Like so much of Peter's work, they are now in someone's art collection somewhere.
Fran - thanks for the comment. I always thought Peter was a good draughtsman and these drawings are a great example of how sensitive his work could be.

Sarah said...

I initially mis-read the last line as "a beautiful 'mind'"! In a way, that is appropriate too!

These are beautiful drawings - nice to see these again.

Knatolee said...

These are GORGEOUS!