Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Visiting Family in Toronto

This is my grandson, Charlie, who is 2 1/2. This past weekend, I visited Charlie and his brother, Max, who is 4, and my son, Brian, and daughter-in-law, Michelle, in Toronto. On Saturday morning, Brian left the house early to run in a charity race - Harry's Spring Run-Off in High Park in downtown Toronto. Michelle, Max, Charlie and I went later to watch him cross the finish line. It was a cool morning and Charlie put on this wonderful hat when we left the house.

When we got to High Park, we put Max and Charlie in this wagon to take them to the place where their Dad would be crossing the finish line of the race. There were thousands of people in the park so this was a good way to keep everyone together.  

Despite the huge crowd of people, we did get to see Brian cross the finish line. Later we found him among all the runners who had finished and I took this picture of the family together. 

And here is the conquering hero! Brian ran the 8km race in about 40 minutes and was quite pleased with his time. 

That evening, after Max and Charlie were in bed, Brian and I met my daughter, Sarah, at a restaurant called the Keg. We had a wonderful visit and a great dinner together and Brian took this pic of me and Sarah together behind plates of salad and nachos.

Just before I left Toronto, I took this picture of Charlie. His favourite toy is a plush elephant, which he carries around, takes to bed, and so on. As you can imagine, the toy elephant gets quite dirty. For this reason, he has 10 of these elephants, all exactly the same, so he never has to live without his favourite buddy while it is in the wash. When I took this picture, Charlie had been walking around with 4 of the elephants at once. You can never have too many friends to hug!


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

The photo of Charlie and his elephants is wonderful!!

Ronna said...

Love the heffalumps! Happy you had a good time. I was in T.O. too. Great weather!

Elaine said...

Two lovely little boys. What a great cart, a fun way to travel. Did Charlie manage to fit any elephants in?

Grumpy Penguin said...

I want 10 elephants, too! You can never have enough heffalumps in your arms at one time...