Monday, 11 April 2011

Back In the Studio

The past weekend was warm enough that I could work in my unheated studio. It was glorious to be back in there and able to get into painting again. But first I did a bit of house-cleaning, which is necessary after everything has been sitting for 5 months. I found some old work as I was dusting and vacuuming. I don't usually do landscapes, and this is one of the few exceptions. It is an oil painting, not very big (11x14), showing scenery typical of where I live in the country.

I did this painting at the same time, about 3 or 4 years ago. This is a field not far from my place. I like it because of the ghost of a road that pulls your eye into the space. However, this painting and the one above are my only attempts to do scenary and I decided it was not really my thing.   

I also found this little (5x7) chalk pastel drawing that I had done last year. Much more typical of my work.

And here is a view of my studio after I had finished cleaning and was starting to work, with my easel on the left and my drawing table on the right. This used to be Peter's sculpure studio but I had it fixed up and re-built last year so I could work in it. Don't you think it's fabulous? So light and airy and inviting.


Ronna said...

Fab! So is your work!

Sarah said...

Great to see the examples of your different styles!