Sunday, 17 April 2011

Checking On Sculpture in "The Outback"

This Sunday afternoon, I went for a walk to check on some of the sculpture done by my late husband, Peter. I wanted to see how these pieces, which are scattered here and there on our land, have survived the winter. The first I looked at was this very large (about 15 feet high) painted aluminum sculpture in the field behind the studio. This piece was shown in sculpture exhibitions in several places in the southern U.S. in the mid-1990's. It is surviving okay, but obviously needs a coat of paint.

On my rounds, I had a look at this piece, which isn't really a sculpture at all. It is a cement form that Peter used to shape heated copper before he welded it together. This was used to make the bottom part of a larger sculpture which is now in a sculpture garden in the U.S. But I like this cement form as is - it's just sorta fun, sitting in the yard.

In another part of the yard, this rather large (4 ft) white apple sits. It lost its stem, which had been made out of an axe handle. It also desparately needs a coat of paint.

This small bronze graces the entryway to my house, right beside the front door. It is not one of Peter's sculptures, but is a copy of a sculpture he cast in bronze in our foundry for a friend of his, a sculptor from China. The original was part of a much larger sculpture that is installed in a public garden in Vancouver. There is a long story behind all this, as you can imagine. But right now, this little piece looks like it really needs a good cleaning. Wow! seems like I have my work cut out for me. 

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Knatolee said...

Peter's sculptures are great, even without the "freshening" up!