Monday, 4 April 2011

End of March Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

On Saturday March 26, the Dunvegan Artist Trading Card (ATC) group had its monthly trade. This is a photocopy of the cards I made for the trade. I made them with some wonderful brightly coloured and patterned paper. I cut out little shapes and made animals and masks with them. The rabbit was my favourite.

Here are the traders in the midst of the frenzy of trading. Lots of leaning over, saying "Can I trade with you?", and then selecting the card you want.

And after the trade, the pleasure of organizing the cards you got into the plastic collector sheets. Here is one of the traders (Barb) happily arranging her cards.


Ronna said...

Sorry I missed the trade. Your cards were fab!

Unknown said...

Hey Evlyn!
Great Blogs of Fire!
Really enjoying your Blog.