Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Surprising, the Strange and the Bizarre in My 'Hood

I am often surprised by the things I see when I walk around my city neighbourhood. One day last year, when the National Art Gallery was having its blockbuster show "Pop Life", I found this car with Jeff Koons' rabbit ears parked practically in front of my building.

Just down the street, this garbage can full of balloons seemed so incongruous. They were hanging out in such a colourful mass. It was like someone didn't really want to throw them away.

More recently, I saw this pile of paper just lying around on someone's front lawn with this painting on top. I guess someone was throwing it out, but it was a strange way to do it. The house where I found this is also rather strange. It looks abandoned, but a neighbour told me that someone actually lives there, although nobody ever sees the person. Spooooky!

I find some store window mannequins rather creepy, too. These were lit from underneath so their faces were rather macabre - like they were preparing to be judges on an inquisition. Maybe they were designed to scare people into buying the clothes.

But this mannequin with the amazing hair-do takes the cake for bizarre. Love it!


Ronna said...

Friggin' weird, man!

Elisabeth said...

I did not know you were blogging (thanks Ronna)
Congratulation on this new endeavour!
I saw the VW with the Jeff Koons look last year in front of the National Gallery and thought it was a hoot!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Came by from Ronna's blog. Welcome to the blogging world and wishing you all the best with it. You have a great beginning with an artist's view.