Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn Garden

This is that time of year when the only flowers in the garden are the late bloomers and I am starting to think about digging up the whole mess to plant some tulip bulbs for next spring. Last weekend, I was pleased to see a Monarch Butterfly in the garden, visiting what's left of the Phlox. Like many people, I am worried about Monarchs because there seem to be so few of them anymore compared to years ago. I tried to get a good photo of this guy but he was very uncooperative and wouldn't open his wings - then he fluttered away.  

These flowers are wonderful because they don't bloom until the end of August and last for the first part of September - a needed pick-me-up in the garden after all the other flowers are finished. I think they are called Turtle Heads, but I don't know what their real name is. 

This is also a pretty little autumn-blooming flower. I planted a few of them about 2 years ago and they have spread like crazy so that they are now taking over a part of the garden. But I won't complain because it is such a pleasure to see this gentle splash of colour (strange how all these fall bloomers are pink) when I look out my window. Hooray for late bloomers!

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Sarah said...

Your garden still looks so green and lush! It's like summer's last hurrah.