Monday, 12 September 2011

Warm Autumn Night in the City

Although it is getting dark earlier, the weather has been warm so that it has been pleasant to go out for a walk in the evening in the city. Many other people are also strolling around. Some of the buildings are very brightly lit, like this one.

Other buildings loom out of the night, like this one, and have a mysterious air. People sit out front in the warm darkness. 

The pubs are still doing a roaring business, especially since vacation is over, students are back and people like to meet with friends they haven't seen all summer. I think everyone feels that the really cold weather will be coming in just a few months and we have to enjoy this while we can.

On my way back to my apartment, I saw these people in silhouette walking along this brightly lit sidewalk. It looked so quiet and peaceful - like everyone was going home after their evening out, all the restaurants closed and the bars shut, and it had a sort-of empty street, echo-y feel to it. A classic city scene!

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