Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Clothes when I was a kid

As I've been scanning old photographs, it occurred to me that the little girls in these pictures are often wearing dresses and skirts. Like this photo for example, with me on the left, my mother, and a girl named Lucille Smith I considered my best friend at the time (this was taken sometime in the mid to late 1950's). We are all wearing dresses, but it wasn't any special occasion, it was just everyday. If you looked at pictures of little girls today, how likely would they be wearing dresses or skirts? Were dressy clothes more common back then?


frannie said...

Girls and women were not allowed to wear pants in school even in the early 60's when I was teaching. I love your Mary-Janes.

Knatolee said...

I used to wear dresses all the time as a kid, for playing outside, whatever! Times change, eh?

Ronna said...

Everybody wore dresses most of the time (except the boys, that is...)