Sunday, 11 September 2011

Some Wild and Crazy Autumn Tableaux

A drive in the country at this time of year can reward one with some fun sights because many people have set up autumn tableaux in honour of the International Plowing Match that will be happening in two weeks. But when I saw this tractor-and-driver displayed beside the road somewhere between Vankleek Hill and St. Eugene, Ontario, I came to a screeching halt. I had to get out and take a closer look. Usually, these tableaux feature straw scarecrow-like people, but this one had an old store mannequin in it. I can imagine that at one time this mannequin was used to show off suits in a store window somewhere. Now he is a bit the worse for wear (note - one of his arms is just a rolled up plastic bag in a glove) and he gets to wear old clothes and sit on a tractor. Oh well - maybe he likes his new career!

Further down the road, this tableau featured a woman sitting in an old buggy. She was so eye-catching, with her styrofoam head painted with big red lips and her old clothes stuffed with straw. I especially liked her hat.  

This tableau was a bit more conventional because the guy sitting in the chair is made of clothing stuffed with straw and his head was made of cloth with a face painted on it. The whole set-up was really impressive because the house was just a two-dimensional facade, like a stage prop. But the outhouse on the left was an actual little building (I wonder if it was still in use?). I liked the sign between the door and window that says "The Hill-Billy's" - not sure if the spelling was a mistake or intended, but it suits the subject.

This scarecrow ploughing was part of a larger tableau with many different characters. But I like the big happy look on his face as he stands there with his plow. 

This tableau takes the cake for being a bit freaky. It features the usual scarecrow-like guy wearing old clothes leaning against a piece of farm equipment. But the dead tree behind has a face on it with just eyes, a nose and big lips, all in white. This tableau seems to have more to do with Hallowe'en than with autumn. Weird but wonderful!


Sarah said...

Wow! Great photos - such a fun subject! I particularly love the store mannequin with a "new career" on the farm - hee hee.

Knatolee said...

THese are so great! One of the many things I love about life around here is the quirky things that pop up in the countryside. :)