Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dramatic Sunrise, Sensational Sunset

Maybe it is due to the time of the year and the change of the seasons - there have been some dramatic sunrises and sunsets this week. I saw these wonderful pinks and reds and cerulean blues at sunrise on Monday and just had to run out onto my balcony (in my dressing gown and slippers) and take a couple of pictures. I am not a morning person and usually indifferent to the so-called wonders of this time of the day. But this sunrise was enough to wake me up and say Wow!

This evening, I was impressed by this very dramatic red sky as I was walking along a street in the Byward Market. I went to my favourite Chinese take-out (I didn't feel like cooking tonight) where another customer commented on the sky - he too was impressed. While waiting for my order, I stepped outside and took a bunch of pictures. It had been dark and raining, but as the sky cleared, the colours kept changing. Nature's pyrotechnics!

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