Thursday, 15 September 2011

Noticing Things

I have walked around the Byward Market hundreds of times over the years, but every so often, I notice something that I haven't seen before. Like this sculpture, which I saw late this afternoon, high above the rooftops. I was trying to figure out what it is supposed to represent. There is a flying woman balancing a ball or something on her hand. And what the heck is the winged creature beneath her? At first I thought it was a flying seal. But I guess it is some sort of bird? With a very thick neck? Strange.

This - thing (whatever it is) - is also up high, hanging from the ceiling in the Market Building. Again, I have walked through this building many, many times and never noticed it before. It hangs up there above the people in the food shops below. It appears to be a rather globular cloud of melting ice cream, with people poking out the top. One man is dangling what looks to be a plucked chicken over the side. And I am really not sure what the other people are doing. More strangeness.

Rounding a corner, I saw this wonderful unintended conjunction of images of two men with great big smiles on their faces. They seem to be sharing a joke. It made me smile too!

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