Monday, 30 April 2012

A Lunch-Time Walk on a Difficult Day

Today was a difficult day for me at work so on my lunch break, I went for a soothing, relaxing walk with a friend. It was a lovely day, warmer than it has been, and there were many other people also going for walks.

This was a strange scene because the man and the Canada Goose seemed oblivious of each other even though they were sitting in close proximity. They almost looked like a couple that had just had a quarrel and weren't talking. Even the bicycle looks like its attention is somewhere else.

On the way back to the office, we passed this beautiful swath of tulips under a tree. The colour was amazing and really cheered me up on a rather difficult day.


Ronna said...

Your posts are always so much fun and have a quirky way of seeing the world. Not sure that helps on a difficult day...keep your chin up!

Elaine said...

Evlyn, what a great start to my day - I would never have spotted the goose, the man and the bicycle - but you are so right. That is a wonderful photograph. The colour of the tulips is delightful. I hope your day improved.

Cuby said...

City Mouse/Country Mouse: Walking is such good healer, time in the fresh away from the stress and those beautiful tulips hopefully your day only got better and better.:)

Jenny said...

I can imagine it's incredibly tense at your work. I hope it all settles down soon. A walk is always a good way to get a bigger picture. Enjoy the tulips.