Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Those Were the Days!

This photo was recently posted by my sister on her facebook page and it brought back so many memories for me (thanks sis!). The guy playing bass guitar, third from the left (with his head right beside the letter "E") is our brother Paul. When he was in his late teens, way back in the mid 1960's, he and some friends formed a band, as so many young guys did in those days right after the Beatles changed the world of music and youth culture forever. The band was called the Excels, and they played a lot of gigs around Northwestern Ontario where we lived. I love they way they all wore matching jackets, just like the Beatles at the time.

Later, my brother moved to Toronto and became a jazz musician. This pic of my brother hugging my mother was taken sometime around 1971 or 1972, when he was visiting the folks back home at Christmas. Love the Afro hairstyle and beard and mustache typical for musicians at that time. I remember it seemed a lot more possible then for people to follow their dreams and make a living as a musician or artist or writer...... Those were the days!

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Jenny said...

It was a fun time for guys (and gals) who were making music. And,like you say, there was decent money to be made even by a small band.