Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hanging Out in the Market

It was a great day for people watching in the Byward Market. Everyone seemed so relaxed, even these policemen. It looks like all these guys -  3 police and a couple of ordinary fellows - were just hanging out, chatting. I wonder what they were talking about?

Nearby, there were flats of annuals in a temporary gardening centre set up on part of a parking lot. I love this time of year, looking at all the flowers for sale and wishing I could buy a whole bunch of them to take home and put in my garden.  

There were many street vendors open today, and there were lots of shoppers looking at their wares. The colours of the skirts on the rack on the right are wonderful - so bright. 

Since it is Tulip Festival time, there were many shops and restaurants with tulip-themed paintings decorating their windows. This one caught my eye. It seems a bit strange to show a fish among the flowers, but this is a seafood restaurant. 

Another sign of spring in the Byward Market is the number of teenagers hanging out. Every year at this time, busloads of school kids visit Ottawa, Canada's capital, to see the Parliament buildings and other educational and edifying stuff. When I saw the guy with the green glasses and the pink mohawk, I had to try to get a picture. Aren't they a colourful bunch? Ahhhh, youth!


Ronna said...

Fabulous colours!

Sarah said...

Great shots - very slice-of-life!