Sunday, 13 May 2012

Good Weekend for Gardening

It was a wonderful weekend for gardening, so I hit one of the many gardening centres that was open near my home in the country. Many other people had the same idea. I love gardening centres because it is such a treat to be completely surrounded by hundreds of bright coloured flowers. 

I bought some perennials and some annuals and spent a happy hour crawling around in the dirt in my garden. My tulips are in full bloom right now and they kept me company while I worked. I like the way they cluster around the memorial Peter and I made for our cat Titi after she died.  

My very own tulip festival!

These two young girls were climbing in a tree that is on the border between my land and my neighbour's. I went back and asked if I could take their picture. The girl in the pink shirt is Emilie, my neighbour's daughter. She used to visit me all the time when she was little and we would make artist trading cards together. However, she is a teenager now and has more teenager-type things to do. But I liked the fact that she and her friends can still enjoy climbing a tree. 

They are like flowers themselves. Ah youth!


Ronna said...

Your tulips are really lovely! Mine just don't bloom anymore. We spent the entire weekend planting. Kind of early as we usually wait for Victoria Day but the weather was so fine.

Knatolee said...

I love the girls and their pink ladder! And the flowers are wonderful.

Cuby said...

What fabulous tulips with wonderful colours. The two girls climbing the tree with the pink ladder makes a lovely photo.