Monday, 7 May 2012

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

The annual Tulip Festival in Ottawa (which runs from May 4 to 21) is in full swing and there were many people enjoying the tulips in Major's Hill Park today. Some of them were just walking among the flower beds. 

Many of them were photographing the tulips.

This man was photographing his wife and baby on the other side of a mass of flowers. 

This is so sweet. Mom was making the baby wave at daddy above the tulips.

Then she stood up, looking like she was ready to surf on a wave of tulips. 

These women appear to be immersed in the flowers. It was interesting how many people wanted to get down close to take pictures.

Meanwhile, this couple were sitting on a blanket on the lawn between the tulip beds, watching everyone else do their thing among the flowers. It was a beautiful day for people-watching and tiptoeing through the tulips.


Ronna said...

Great shots. Great season!

Sarah said...

Flowers always make a great background for portrait shots!

Unknown said...

Fantastic photos and flowers. We loved Ottawa when we visited a few years ago. Doubt if we'll ever get back there, but some super memories. Lots of walking and cycle paths.

Cuby said...

Wonderful colours. Tulips are such positive flowers great to see so many people enjoying them. I have a new friend with the surname of Tulip which is rather sweet and unusual. I was in Ottawa about 100 years ago or so!