Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feasting My Eyes on the Skies

When I am at work all day, sitting in my cubicle in front of my computer, I get cravings to go outside and just look at the sky. I often go out at lunch time and walk around, stretch my legs, crane my neck and watch the clouds above the tops of the buildings. 

At five, I leave work and start to walk home. Like most people, I can't wait to get out of the building and emerge into the open spaces where I can look at trees and gardens and people and the bustle of everyday life. The best part is being able to look up at the sky unimpeded by overhanging roofs like this one. 

It is a real treat when the sky is full of fluffy clouds against the infinite blue, like it is in this photo. You can just see the top of the bridge I walk across every day, peeking through the trees. 

In the evening, I go out onto the balcony of my apartment and look at the soft pink sky with a few gentle clouds. Dusk is one of my favourite times of the day because of skies like this.


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

I am constantly taking cloud pics. they are ever-changing and never stay the same for more than a moment. Great pictures.

Ronna said...

Great post. Love cloud pix!

Jenny said...

One of my favourite things about Glengarry is that it's flat enough to give a big view of the sky. Everyday there's always something new up in the clouds.