Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Trying to Outrun the Rain

We had at least one big thunderstorm this afternoon in Eastern Ontario, and while I was a work, I heard some of the crashing and booming outside. When I left work later in the day, the storm had passed by but the sky looked pretty threatening through these skylights on a covered walkway. I hoped to be able to outrun the rain. 

I got to the bridge that I cross from Gatineau to Ottawa and it still hadn't started raining. So far so good. Everything still looked wet from the storm earlier.

Whoops! It started to rain when I got to the other side of the bridge. People started pulling out their umbrellas. 

So I pulled out mine too and tried to take pictures while walking along. I always like walking under an umbrella -  it feels so cozy.

At one point it really came pouring down. The rain looks like streaks against the dark background here. But there were still guys on bicycles zooming along, getting soaking wet. 

People had prepared for the weather in different ways. I really liked this woman's raincoat, which was a tiger skin pattern. Wild!

Trying to cross the street put one in danger of being soaked when cars splashed through the puddles. 

And here is something that really enjoyed the weather! This floral decoration in front of the Domus Cafe on Murray Street looked very fresh and happy in the rain. And wouldn't you know it - just as I got close to my apartment, the rain stopped and the sky cleared. Oh well - I didn't manage to outrun the rain but at least it wasn't a big thunderstorm with hail and high winds and all that. As a matter of fact, it was rather refreshing.


Ronna said...

It was kind of nuts in Alexandria. I was at work and it poured like mad. Then the sun came out. Then, as I was leaving (early) the wind came up, the sky was black and it just went wild and wet. No power in Alexandria so no traffic signals and the stores had to close. Exciting days!

Jenny said...

I had an appointment for an annual check-up for my son's dog. When we got there, it was raining so hard he wouldn't get out of the car! I dashed into the clinic and found out they had no power, so they couldn't see him anyway. Got soaked sprinting from the car to the house when we got back home. Gardens are happy.

Sarah said...

Great photos! Glad you remembered your umbrella. :)

Knatolee said...

Great pics, Evyln! I used to lvoe those "bubble" umbrellas in the 1970s. I always felt very cosy in those.
We were without power for about 14 hours yesterday and into this morning.