Sunday, 6 May 2012

Old Faithfuls

Every spring, there are certain things I can count on happening. For example, this is my Serviceberry tree, which I know will always bloom and be quite beautiful for a couple of weeks in early May. It was at its peak this past weekend when I was at my place in the country and took this photo of it among some other trees in my backyard. 

This sweet little flower blooms every year about this time. I planted a few bulbs almost 20 years ago in my flower bed and they have emerged every spring since then and flowered without fail. I have forgotten their name, but I think of them as little yellow pixies in the garden.  

The pleasure that spring flowers bring is, in itself, something we can always count on. Thank goodness for the faithful return of colour and warmth every year after months of cold and snow and ice.

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Jenny said...

That's a beautiful service berry, so full of flowers. I always look forward to the Bleeding Heart and the lilac blooming, although, of course, I like all the flowers. It does feel like seeing old friends again.