Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dancing In the Street

Some ominous-looking clouds were starting to roll in and I was hurrying along the Sparks Street Mall, on my way home after dinner out with some friends. I wanted to get to shelter before it rained, but then I heard music in the distance. 

As I approached, I saw a whole group of people dancing in the street to some great Latin American music from speakers nearby. I just had to stop and watch for a while.

I have no idea why they were there but they were having such a good time, twisting and twirling around. Sometimes the music slowed down........

....then it picked up again and the dancers whirled and turned faster. Many of them were very good dancers and I was impressed by their skill.  

I was having as much fun watching them as they were having dancing. But shortly after this, the sky got even darker and the thunder started to rumble, so I had to dash off. As I left, I thought about the pleasure that life's little unexpected surprises can bring, such as finding people dancing in the street.


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Ottawa offers endless wonderful surprises around every corner.

Sarah said...

I'm impressed that at least one of them was dancing in flip-flops! Sometimes I feel like I can barely WALK in flip-flops.

What a fun thing to stumble upon!

Evlyn said...

Amazingly enough, I heard a story about these dancers on the local CBC Radio this morning. This was organized by some guy and is called "Salsa on Sparks". Apparantly there are other outdoor dancing venues like this in Ottawa. Cool!

frannie said...

It must have been tempting to join them. Too bad you had to flee the weather.