Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Things I Like About June #5 - Late Evening Light

One of things I love most about June is that the days are so long and the light in the sky lasts until very late in the evening. Even at 9 pm, there is still a lot of light and it is very pleasant to walk around the city. 

There are always plenty of strollers, enjoying the warm bright evenings. 

Street musicians make the brightly lit summer evenings feel like a great big party. (This guy is particularly good - he always attracts a crowd of listeners). 

People are completely relaxed. Friends hang out and eat ice cream together. 

Even at nearly 10 pm, there is still some light in the sky, but the dark is starting to fall and it is time to go home. The days are already getting shorter and soon we will notice that it is dark earlier. But for now, we can enjoy these final, beautiful long evenings in June when the light is like magic.


Jenny said...

The sunset is beautiful -the whole sky coloured. I absolutely love the long days, too. So nice to be out in the evening.

Knatolee said...