Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Things I Like About June #4 - Roses That Are Beautiful Even When No-one Sees Them

June is the month when roses bloom, and thank goodness for that. They are such beautiful flowers, with their bright colours and their glorious scent. But lately I have been noticing roses blooming in places where very few people, if any, will see them. For example, this rose bush is blooming in some waste land beside the fence for a construction site where people are unlikely to stop and admire them. They were probably planted years ago when the area was quite different, and they are still there, faithfully putting out their flowers.

These roses are among some bushes beside a parking lot, and seem to be completely wild and untended. I have often stopped to admire them, but most people just park their cars and rush off to their business, oblivious to these pretty little gems.   

This beautiful rose bush emerges from a patch of weeds near a house that looks rather spooky and abandoned. The rose bush looks abandoned too, but carries on blooming nevertheless. Oh well - I appreciate the show!

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Unknown said...

Roses are lovely, aren't they? We've got all sorts in our garden - June is such a special month. I love flowers that have an evocative scent. The other evening, though, I was out in our garden and smelled the most glorious perfume, but couldn't for the life of me work out where it was coming from. A ghost flower, perhaps? Not really, but intriguing.