Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Winter Paintings in the Summer

This is one of the paintings that I showed at the Art Fayre exhibition in the Glengarry Museum in Dunvegan last Saturday and Sunday (June 23-24 2012). It was a lot of fun to paint and people seemed to like it - it was purchased by a woman visiting from Australia who told me she would look at it and enjoy thinking about cold winter days in Canada. Then it occurred to me that I have often shown paintings of winter scenes at art shows in the summertime.  

For example, I showed this painting at the Art Fayre exhibition in June 2011. 

This is a much older painting (1996) that I did for a show in the summer of that year. It is probably just coincidence that these 3 paintings were shown in the summer even though they involve winter scenes, but perhaps when it gets very hot, the thought of really cold weather offers some relief. In any event, they were fun to do and I hope to paint more snowy scenes in the future.   


Ronna said...

Love your winter scenes. And they all sell like HOT cakes!

Sarah said...

I absolutely love the way you paint snow. These paintings are fantastic!

Knatolee said...

I second all those compliments, and I just love that third painting, which I admire every time I go to Ronna's. But I also adore the painting of yours that I bought at AF last year!

Jenny said...

Beautiful paintings and how exciting that one is going all the way to Australia.